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Your Own Approval

As you know my first book, Find A Way was published in 2008 after two two and a half years of work.  I’ve also written a six-week, nine and one half hour workshop which I lead several times a year. And in 2009, I published my second book, 52 Ways to Find A Way, and I am now working on book number three (after being a slacker for 7 years). WOW!! I let time slip away, mostly because I have a lot of great excuses!  I also started to conduct of a monthly Mastermind Group for anyone who attended my workshops. The group has been meeting now for over 8 years. The purpose of the Mastermind Group is to provide a venue for continuing the work begun in the workshops — setting goals, planning, staying on track, accountability, and achieving life dreams. In other words, living the life group members want.

Mark Twain pointed out that “A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval (permission).” Yet, in light of Mark Twain’s quote and with all that I have done, I wonder: Have I left too much on the table? Are there things that I haven’t done, such as doing a better job of promoting my books and workshops? Then I wondered, “Hmmm, have I given myself permission to succeed in this venture? Have I approved of what I’m doing?” Because without that approval, it will be difficult, if not impossible to succeed.

My question to you, then, is this:

  1. Are there things in your life that you want to achieve?
  2. Have you given yourself the approval and permission you need to start and to succeed?

Whatever you’re doing, whatever you enjoy doing, give yourself permission. Decide that no matter what happens, you will do whatever it takes (Within reason.) Giving yourself permission to fully enjoy and succeed, will help to insure that any obstacles you face will be handled and triumphed over.

Here’s one of my all-time favorite quotations by English novelist Rose Tremain.

“Your life is not a rehearsal, it is the main act.”

Give yourself permission and the approval you need to succeed today.


Find A Way

~ Dennis

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