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Hi Dennis, I am going to give you my own thoughts on the Firewalk.  For 3 years I have heard about Dennis and his Firewalking seminar.  Unfortunately when they were held I was unable to attend for some reason or another.  Finally the first weekend in October was my day to have the Firewalk experience!

Dennis was well prepared; it was organized and ran smoothly.  Rich did a wonderful job getting the fire going and tending to it while we listened to Dennis. He was dedicated to the fire and I feel that made it more special when we walked over those coals, knowing someone was putting attention and care into it for two hours to make our moments on it unforgettable.

I found Dennis’s portion of the seminar to be very moving, thought provoking and helpful.  I especially liked writing down a fear and throwing it into the fire later on.  AND I broke a board with my hand, WOW what a feeling!

I don’t think it was until the fire was down to coals and we approached the fire to do the walk that it actually hit me “we are going to walk on 1000 degree coals…”  BUT at the point when I had those thoughts i was surrounded by my new found support group and we were holding hands and chanting and before I knew it any fear was gone and the experience took over and it was AMAZING, remarkable, unforgettable, one that deeply reached my soul!

I did this with my husband and father who is almost 65.  On the way home my Dad said “I knocked down some walls today!” (my dad was a fire chef, is Marine and Vietnam Vet)  It shocked me and made me realize at any age we can grow, learn and embrace what we have in our life!  I don’t think my Dad has been the same since!!!  (even though he was great to begin with!)

THANK YOU DENNIS!  This is a gift you have to share with people and it far exceeded my expectations!

– Meg

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