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That Was Then- This Is Now

Why is history so important? Why do we study it in school? Why did we all learn that song with all the U.S. presidents names? Why are there professions dedicated to remembering and refining our understanding of history? Compared to the other things we all studied in school, this seems like the most useless knowledge. But it is so important because without it we would not learn from our mistakes or grow from our victoires.

Sure, not everything you learned in history class will end up being important in your life. For example, I don’t know the names of all the U.S. presidents in order, and I’ve never been asked to sing it outside of my 5th grade class. But there are other lessons that we learn that are very important.

For example, Ogedei Khan was the leader of the Mongols in the 13th century, and he was on a rampage. They had conquered China, Korea and Russia and were pushing into Eastern Europe. But fortunately for the Europeans, he died of apparent alcoholism before he could get very far. Without a leader the Mongol army fell into dissension and returned home. Because of one man’s alcoholism the entire people and culture of Europe was spared. How might history have changed if just one man had lived longer?

I doubt he thought he was making history at the time. But that’s another point, you will almost never know when you are making history.

On a grand scale, we all learn from history. Mistakes are made, and we study these mistakes to make sure they don’t happen again. Great things happen too, we also must study these things to insure that they continue to happen. The same thing applies on a personal scale. Learning from your personal history is an important part of self growth.

Are you letting your history be your guide? We can not change the past, all we can do is learn from it. That is the all important thing that studying history teaches us. How to apply the lessons of the past to our current situations.



Looking through history can prove that…

  1. Underdogs can win
  2. Empires can fail
  3. Peace, health and freedom shouldn’t be taken for granted
  4. Progress is not linear
  5. Isolation is not a good idea
  6. Innovation and efficiency are the secrets to success


All of these facts have been proven time and time again. And all of them can assist us on a personal level.

So do study history.

Do apply lessons learned to your life.

But don’t worry so much about memorizing that song about the president’s.


Find A Way

~ Dennis A. McCurdy

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