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That Was Then- This Is Now

Why is history so important? Why do we study it in school? Why did we all learn that song with all the U.S. presidents names? Why are there professions dedicated to … Continue reading

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From Work Comes Success

Success comes when you are committed and take action; when you take responsibility for your life; when you’re in charge of your actions. Sure, you will have bad days; you’ll … Continue reading

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Are You Ready For Success?

Are you ready for all the things you deserve? Are you ready for success? Emil Coue’ (1857-1926), the famous French physician and metaphysician, wrote the following about success. “We oftentimes … Continue reading

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I Need a Desk

When I was in high school I graduated 8th my class . . . from the bottom, that is.  I was a terrible student, and I knew the reason why: … Continue reading

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Motivational Shower – Bathe Yourself in Motivation

  Motivational Shower Bathe Yourself in Motivation Many people are under the assumption that they can go to a motivational workshop, read a book, listen to a CD, and that’s … Continue reading

February 11, 2015 · 1 Comment

Lights in the Distance

Very early one morning, when I was stationed in North Dakota as a sergeant in the Air Force Security Police, my partner and I were on route checking missile silos. … Continue reading

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