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Hi Dennis…

The May Firewalk was an unique opportunity that I may not have otherwise experienced if we did not meet. I was apprehensive up until a few minutes before I made the walk (more of a confidence issue than anything). Undressing ‘de’ feet was probably more of  “following the crowd” type of reaction for me. Then it became an “if they can do it, so can I” thought process for me. Then the master asks me if he can hold my camera while I do it,  all I can I say is sure (I really wanted to anyways)! Thanks for the gentle nudge. Its odd, because I expected to be filled with external excitement after walking on the coals. I was excited, but did not find it necessary to externalize those feelings. I was very pleased inside for taking part in a new experience with others who may have done it for reasons similar to mine.  Knowing that others walked through an 1100 degree coal bed and came out fine, gave me the incentive to follow suit.

I’ve often reflected on this experience since that day and try to keep what you teach in the forefront of my thoughts as I reflect.

Thanks Dennis for the opportunity to participate in this unique experience and I look forward to the next venture.

– Steve

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