Your thoughts impact your whole life!

Harboring Thoughts

A harbor is generally a safe place, where ships can pull in and moor. Our subconscious mind is like a harbor for our thoughts. While our thoughts are still being formed in our subconscious they are safe. And after being created they come in through the channel to our conscious mind and are a part of our personality. If our thoughts are good ideas they will help us thrive, if not, they will sink us.

Our imagination pulls random pieces together and formulates conclusions, creating theses thoughts in our subconscious awareness. The more we think this thought or the more it is reinforced by the outside world the more we tend to believe it is true and the closer it moves to the entrance of the harbor; Out into the consciousness. Into our world view. Influencing our lives.

Your imagination can create great and terrible things. Can tell tell you that anything is possible, or that you can’t do anything right. But you can encourage or squash these subconscious thoughts before they are tested by the real world. You do this with constant repetition of positive thoughts. Shape your imagination to always see the best in everything.

So remember your imagination becomes your subconscious thoughts, and as you think this thought repeatedly it becomes conscious, and part of your personality.  Stopping negativity before it becomes a part of you must be done in your imagination. Imagine everything turning out for the best, and from your perspective, it always will.


Don’t let negativity harbor inside you. It will only grow.

Find A Way to stay positive.


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