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Get Out

“Get out? Get out of where?”,  you may be asking. Well, I mean get out of your way.

Yes, your own way. Whenever things are going well I look to see what I am doing right. And when they aren’t I look to see what I need to do and if I am stopping myself or somehow sabotaging the process, getting in my own way.  I ask am I planning, working on my goals, overcoming fears, trying, practicing, thinking, talking with positive people, am I taking continual action? If things aren’t going well I need to go deep down inside. I mean deep really deep. You know the places that we don’t like to go. The places were there are scary things like fear, or even worst like the venomous, scary, ugly monsters which are our unrealized dreams.  When I look in there I know I can do better. I think we all know this. I know at that moment I need to get out. To get out of my own way I need to stop stopping myself.


Be honest.

What’s really stopping you!?


Get-Out-Of-Your-Own-Way Exercises

  • What do you want?
  • Why?
  • Write it all down, make a list.

Okay now that’s not deep enough. Be honest and go deep, what do you really want? Dare to be bold.

  • Write down your goals fearlessly as if no one but you will ever read them, because they won’t unless you want them too.
  • If you have been stopping yourself, why? Make a list of how you have been stopping yourself, and what reasons you have for doing so.
  • What can you do about it? There is always a way to do more, if we look.
  • Find a trusted person to be your sounding board.

Okay, now what’s stopping you? Is there anything else?


Even if you are in your own way right now and always have been, you can stop. Find a time and a place to do the exercise above. Maybe do it with a friend, make a morning, afternoon, or evening of it. If you prefer do it by yourself that’s fine too. It’s about finding your way, not mine.

Give yourself a reward. If you have ideas or things that work for you, I would love to share them. Please email me at You never know how one idea shared could change your life or the life of another.

So, Get Out of Your Own Way.


Find A Way



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Dennis shows you how to break an arrow in the hollow of your neck.

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