Your thoughts impact your whole life!


Hi Dennis,

I just wanted to thank you for a magic night. I had such a hard time falling asleep because I was so EMPOWERED!

I never dreamt I would do any of the things we did last night. And who would have thought that doing such outrageous things would open my eyes and give me the jump start I have needed for a while now?

I had begun accepting some negative things for myself, like: well, I’m getting older I should just accept that this is the way it is, can’t do anything about.


THANKS so much for opening my eyes. I CAN expect better for my life and WHAT WAS I THINKING I COULD’NT???

One thing that has been real hard for me is doing things in front of other people because I am always afraid I will look like a fool.

(Bet you couldn’t tell)

I can’t hardly believe I volunteered to crack the wood board in half first!

And then when I double checked with you, “This is peanut brittle,” someone laughed- BUT it didn’t matter (usually I would have cringed)

It didn’t faze me at all- in fact, I am so glad they laughed now! Because all I did was FOCUS “This is peanut brittle, the board is under here.”

Don’t hesitate. POW!


You had me so focused. I now GET IT! I get a lot of things I have been reading.

This is a great step for me!


Focus on the goal.

It doesn’t matter who is watching.

It doesn’t matter if they laugh.

Don’t hesitate.

Do it.

Grab it.

Get it!!!


Thanks so much

You are an answer to prayer 🙂

– Genie

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