Your thoughts impact your whole life!

Do you Believe In Magic?

What is The Secret?

Raise your hand if you have ever read The Secret. Yea, me too. Like so many before it, this self-help book skyrocketed in popularity. Guiding the reader into the frame of mind that anything you want can be yours, and with only the power of Thoughts as Vibrations. That just the power of your mind can and will made an incredible difference in your life.


Why does it seem to help?

This Thoughts as Vibrations/Law Of Attraction is really just confirmation bias. If you spend all your time thinking negatively, the negative feedback in your environment will stand out to you, making you feel worse. But if you are constantly thinking positive thoughts about yourself, you will notice the little things in your experiences that confirm your beliefs. This is the reason why The Secret seems to be working. It’s really just you looking at your life in a positive light.

But at some point, if you really want your life to be improved, you must act.


How is it dangerous? 

I think that this can be a dangerous practice, convincing people that simply visualizing what you want will bring it into your life. It is an important step, but it’s only the first step. If you get stuck on this first step, you do not put any effort into improving your life. You also suffer from being too positive. That’s right, I said it, too positive.

Allow me to explain. You can become so positive, that you simply ignore that negative things that may be going on. Ignoring overdue bills, medical concerns,  relationship problems, and generally avoiding anything that makes you think negatively. You can put yourself into a delusional state where nothing is wrong, because you are ignoring anything that bothers you.


What’s the real “Secret”?

Everybody wants the secrets to success. But it’s really not a secret. Much of the information in The Secret is based on a  book by Wallace Wattles “The Science of getting Rich” written about 1910. Emerson wrote about the secrets, as did Orison Swett Marden and many others, they didn’t call them secrets, but principals guiding values.  These same words have been peddled as magic by charlatans for centuries. How to turn iron into gold, make easy money, secrets the rich don’t want you to know.

Guess what? You already know most of them, you just forgot or you are ignoring them. I am not saying the writers and producers of The Secret are charlatans much of the information is important and can help people to think better, which is a great start. After all, thinking is where everything begins. Nothing is created unless and until someone thought of it. The second and most important principle is action, continuous and repeated action. Mostly people who are successful are because they did just that, continuous and repeated action. They worked harder and smarter, and longer. If you look at people like Tony Robins, and others the reason they’re successful is they work more than others and they continually improve.


Stay positive.

But not too positive.

And remember, there is no secret to success. Success only comes from action.




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