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First Step

One of the hardest things most people have to do is to take that first step—to make the decision to do something. Once we make the decision, we can then … Continue reading

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…Or Someone Else Will

If I don’t do it, someone else will. So why not you? Sometimes, no, actually many times, the only difference between being successful or not being successful is one simple … Continue reading

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Be a Selective Learner

Most of us pay little attention to what we learn every day.  Today you may learn a new way to do something and not even think about it. And what … Continue reading

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Get Out

“Get out? Get out of where?”,  you may be asking. Well, I mean get out of your way. Yes, your own way. Whenever things are going well I look to … Continue reading

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Like, Wish, Want

Over the years as I’ve met with many business clients and the people. And many times I’ve heard them speak these words: “I’d like to have…”, “I’d like to do…”, “I … Continue reading

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What Are You Avoiding?

Why do some people avoid setting goals? It’s simple. If there are no goals to be met, then there is no standard of measurement. There is no “In your face!” … Continue reading

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The How Will Come

“Once we decide, the universe conspires to make it happen”. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson   What does Emerson mean by this quotation?  He means exactly what it says: “Once we … Continue reading

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The Greatest Miracle In The World ~Og Mandino

You are a gift, one of a kind. You are capable of great wondrous things! Never demean yourself again! Never settle for the crumbs of life! Never hide your talents, … Continue reading

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Keep Your Eye On Today

Some time ago, my son and I decided we needed to have some father-and-son “bonding” time. Adam, my son, has a passion for hiking and backpacking and so he convinced … Continue reading

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What’s our firewalk like?

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