Your thoughts impact your whole life!

Why should you Firewalk?

Often, we find ourselves living a life that is not the one we want. It can be because of your job, your home, or maybe your personal relationships. We all have dreams about our perfect life, sometimes we just need the courage to make those changes. Dennis McCurdy offers a twice yearly  fire walking seminar aimed at giving you courage to change your life for the better.

Because after all, if you can snap an arrow in the hollow of your neck, you can apply for that job. If you can break a board with your hand, you can make an offer on that house. If you can walk on red hot coals, you can ask that person on a date. Dennis helps to show you the inner strength you had inside you all along.

So, what is holding you back?


Our fire walking logo, done by Richard Mammay.

Our fire walking logo, done by Richard Mammay.


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The firewalking school of Tolly Burkan.

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